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Small motoryacht and Sailing Yacht Charters Croatia:
If it's your first time with chartering then Croatia is an ideal starting point for your first luxury yacht charter, with so may little islands to visit and all quite close together you are never chart of places to go and things to do.
Prices for Croatia and say starting at Dubvronik are quite economical so affordable for most middle class earners with 7 days in some cases well below €3000.
There is lots of beautiful scenery and costline to see around Croatia and the islands and of course if you are feeling adventurous you can sail further into the mediterranean sea.
Of course some of the other favourite motoryacht and sailing yacht destinations are Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy and France and not forgetting we can arrange charters in the UK as well.

Superyacht Charters:
Taking a luxury sailing cruise by menas of a charter can be a relaxing holiday experience. Being able to relax while being waited on by the ship's crew. Feeling pampered as you look at you take in the beautiful scenery around you. Now imagine doing this on your own super luxury yacht charter with a crew of up to 25 people including a trusted and responsible captain who take you to your destination. These gorgeous superyacht charters include everything from a state of the art galley, spacious bedrooms, comfortable sitting rooms, dining areas, and multiple deck areas to enjoy the scenery. This isn't actually a dream many live such a life each year and go to exotic ports of call. Of course the price can reflect the high calibre that the Superyacht Charters cost from €100,000 upwards to €600,000 for a week.
So, what are some of the most go to destinations that these luxury superyacht charters can travel to?

The Balearic Isles of Spain.

There was a time when these port of calls were only available for yachts under a 100 feet to dock at. Anything larger were subjected to paying a governmental fee, but that all changed last year. Now even the more super luxury yachts housing up to 26 guest and crew can now tour this beautiful destination with no charges thrown at them. This cruise features the beautiful Balearic Islands leading into the capital city pf Barcelona.


The islands of the Bahamas are a perfect destination for a luxury yacht vacation. Comprised of over 700 chains of Islands each with its own unique feel and culture this is a vacations spot that offers more than anyone can hope to see. Not only is it picturesque with its natural beauty along with clear waters it also offers many various activities. These will include water sports such as scuba diving and water skiing. There are also gorgeous isolated beaches and under water caves to explore as well. Want some fun night life or other fun activities to join in. There are casinos, fine dining and state of the art golf courses. Since there are so many islands to explore there are many docks and marinas, many of which have been design to handle super luxury yachts. One such marina is the Treasure Cay Marina which is one of the largest Marina's on the grand islands and can house any type of boat including large luxury yachts.


Another beautiful island destination all year round is the Caribbean. Also consisting of over 700 unique islands that have private beaches, natural beauty and many activities. Making it a place to unwind, to have a romantic getaway and have a fun-filled trip for the family. There are many ports to which luxury yachts can dock in the islands, one of these which is designed to dock over 40 large luxury yachts at one time known as the Yacht Haven Grande located on the island of St. Thomas.

South Pacific

This is another prime example of a great yacht charter destination. The South Pacific also offers a lot of different islands in its vast scenic beauty. These islands consist of friendly individuals who welcome tourist and help them to experience all that these islands have to offers. From drinking in the culture to taking part in such activities as scuba diving, and swimming in gorgeous clear blue waters. One of the most notable marinas to dock a luxury yacht charter on these beautiful islands is the Marina Taina which can accommodate over 500 luxury yachts in its port.


For anyone living in the United States wanting to experience a luxury island vacation without having to leave the country there are the beautiful islands of Hawaii. The beautiful tropical setting offers not only great beaches along with surfing and swimming but a lot of sight-seeing. Rich in a history all its own these islands can be a great way to have a relaxing yacht charter vacation without leaving American Soil. One of the main ports that houses large super yachts is located on the big island of Hawaii and is called the Ko Olina Marina which is one of the few ports on the Hawaiian Islands able to accommodate large luxury yachts.


This is certainly a much colder destination than the other four mentioned here, but still could be a dream vacation in itself. Unlike the other charters though this one is seasonal due to harsh weather conditions and usually the best time to charter a yacht service is in the summer months. So, what makes Alaska a must see tourist destination. Simple it's a chance to see mother nature preserved at it's best including a large glacier breaking off chunks of ice into the water. Luxury yacht charters to Alaska can be hard to get though since there are only a selected few. But being able to book on one can be a thrill of a life time. One of the main ports in which a super yacht can dock in Alaska is Doyons Landing. This Marina has the capacity to house even the largest of mega yachts.

The Greek Isles

When it comes to soaking in beauty along with history a trip to the Greek Isles is a great vacation spot to take a charter cruise vacation. Not only will one be able vast in the beautiful beaches and splendor, but see historic ruins preserved in their natural state. Because Greece can be a well-known vacation spot for the ultra wealthy and tourist of all kind there are many docking areas that cater to luxury yachts. One such place is the Athens Marina which is located on the capital Island of Athens and can hold even the largest of luxury superyacht.

These are some of the charter destinations that someone can cruise to on their own private superyacht charter. There are many other exotic and beautiful destinations as well to choose from. These can include Turkey, the French Rivera, and Italy just to name a few more. The possibilities are endless on where a person can sail off to on their unforgettable vacation. The things to keep in mind is what time of year the vacation would be and whether its possible to book the charter cruise for that time. Booking well in advance is always advisable since these luxury yachts can book up fast throughout the year. So, plan well in advance, doing so could make for a trip to a dream destination that will never be forgotten.