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    Whilst we are fortunate in the fact that our Managing Director started the 1st webdesign company in the UK in the early nineties and has the longest individual track record for online marketing in the UK and most of the USA it is our passion for Yachts and the desire to inspire people and families to join the yachting community that drives us.
    We would love you to have a chat with us about a new purchase or may be upgrading so we can assist you in finding the perfect yacht of your dreams.

    If you are looking to sell your yacht then 1uk.com can give you the online advantge with our history of SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) marketing skills and get your yacht in front of the right people in the right place with targetted marketing.

    Looking to purchase: Whether its a Sailing Yacht or Motor Yacht a Sunseeker, Princess, Burgess or an Aquamarine we can help you to choose the right Yacht for you that matches all your requirements.

    Have a browse through our luxury yachts for sale and feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries about any of the M/Y and S/Y we have available.

    If you are interested in advertising your Superyacht for sale through the 1uk.com website then please contact me Paul Thompson, Managing Director:-  paul.thompson @ 1uk.com

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    The location of many of the yachts for charter is obviously subject to change dependent on the current location and destination of any of the yachts at a given time. If you search an area and the yacht you are looking for is not there, it may still be available and can be delivered to your required destination for you.
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    Superyachts a working history

    Here we bring you some information about the history of some Boats, Superyachts & Luxury Yachts

    Owning or even chartering a luxury yacht is probably a dream come true for many. There may be a variety of yachts in which to choose from therefore, it is important to find someone whom is familiar with luxury yachts who can help you make a wise decision. Especially when there is a great deal of money involved, you want to make certain that you are making the right decision.
    However at Superyacht level money is generally not really an issue.

    There are yacht brokers that can help a person find the yacht of their choice. It would make a great deal of sense to secure the services of a yacht broker prior to making your final decision on which yacht to purchase.
    Here at 24hrs Ltd we dont just push the product or the concept on you we talk about what you want and your expectations of owing a yacht, its more about the Cruise than that actual ship itself.
    Tell us what your expectations are from owning a Superyacht, where you would like to go, who you would like to entertain and who you want to park next to in the marina... it's about the lifetstyle, the yacht is a luxury that just gets you there..

    Many yacht brokers work on a national level and can be easily located through some general Internet based searches. Yacht brokers may be located through a general Google or Yahoo Internet search.

    For example, the Solange was delivered by the Lurssen Shipyard and measures 85.1 m with a beam of 13.8 m. This particular yacht was created by Espen Oenio and is possibly one of the most elegant and expensive yachts in the world.

    The Solange was built with six spacious decks and a variety of special designs throughout this high priced luxurious yacht. The Solange was featured in the Monaco Yacht show in 2014. This particular yacht caught the eye of almost every person who had attended the 2014 event in Monaco.

    The Solange was built in West Germany in 2013 and has many unique features. The length of this most extraordinary yacht is 279.2 ft. In addition, this eye catching luxury yacht is constructed out of alumnium and steel. Alumnium and steel will essentially last forever. The Solonage has a cruising speed of approximately 14 knots. The maximum speed capacity of this luxury masterpiece is about 17-18 knots.

    Additional features of the Solange include two jacuzzi’s , an elevator and extra large sauna. The Solange can comfortably accomodate up to 16 people. The interior of this ship includes oak wood molding, plush carpeting as well as two large wet bars.
    The interior of this expensive masterpiece is Francios Zuretti style with hand made fabrics and the walls are made from cherrywood panels.

    Bessie Ellen: Not so much a luxury yacht but the Bessie Ellen is a last surving orginal ketch that is owned by Skipper Nikki Alford and is still run as a Classic Sailing holidays and Tradtional sailing trips for passengers.  We mention this boat as it is an ideal start boat for crew members and is also great for businesses to use for team building expeditions. If you would like to book on board the Bessie Ellen you can book direct though us at 1uk.com right here: yachts @ 1uk.com

    The New Sunrise is another very elegant yacht. The New Sunrise measures 61.3 m and was built back in 2000. This luxurious yacht can accomodate up to twelve people. In addition, the New Sunrise is made with alumnium and has a crusing speed of around 14 knots. The New Sunrise can be purchased for around $24 million dollars. In some cases prices can be negotiable. 

    The Swan is another popular choice of yachts. The interior of the Swan was designed by Pierre Rochon. This luxury liner offers a spacious stateroom with an attached office. In addition, four cabins are available below deck with a large sky lounge. This yacht can easily accomodate up to twelve guests.

    The Swan also has a large jacuzzi and a oversized sun deck. The sun deck can accomodate a helicopter. The Swan has a length of 196.9 ft and it was constructed in Italy back in 2011. The crusing speed on this luxury lines is roughly 15.5 knots. The current asking price for the Swan is $35 million dollars.

    The Capri is another option when seeking luxury and comfort. This yacht has a fully integrated navigational system which is a definite plus. In addition, the Capri has six staterooms and can easily fit 12 guests. This beauty was built in 2003 in Werft Germany. Glade Johnson designed the interior of this one of a kind beauty. The Capri is constructed out of steel and durable aluminum. This beautiful yacht can be purchased for a little under $28 million dollars.

    The Taiba is brand new and offers some outstanding and very impressive features especially for first time buyers. The Taiba has ahuge main deck with a private balcony attached. In addition, the exterior of this yacht is contemporary and it offers seven large guest cabins. There are three large entertainment areas within the interior of the yacht.

    The Taiba offers a large cinema movie room, seven seperate cabins as well as a sun lounge. The exterior of the Taiba was designed by the Palumbo Group. This new model luxury yacht was built in Palumbo Italy in 2015. The Taiba has an asking price of $39 million dollars.

    The Rasselas is a classy Feedship which at present has an owner. However, the current owner is looking to sell the Rasselas if you are able to meet the asking price or come close to it. The Rasselas was built in the Neatherlands back in 1994.

    The Rasselas has a rebuilt engine as well as generator. In addition, the yacht has a new air conditioning unit as well as zero speed stabilizers. There are five spacious suites below deck and this classy masterpiece can fit up to twelve people. The Rasselas is 170.6 ft and the interior was exclusively designed by John Munford. The maximim speed of this yacht is 16 knots with a crusing speed of approximately 14.5 knots. The current asking price if interested is roughly $19 million dollars.

    The Ester 11 was launched by the Shipyard Codecasa in 2005. This yacht was constructed in Italy and has a length of 51 m. The beautiful interior was designed exclusively by Pablo Molyneux. This luxury yacht offers six guest cabins and can easily accomodate up to 14 people. In addition, there is a full beam master suite right off the main deck of the ship.

    The Ester 11 has a fully functional elevator as well as zero speed stabilizers for additional comfort. The Ester travels at a maximum speed of around 17 knots and has a length of 167.3 ft. If you happen to have about $14 million dollars to spend then this eye catcher can be yours.

    Deja Vu was designed for travel anywhere in the world. The steel construction design enables this yacht to handle all kinds of weather as well as rough seas. The Deja Vu has a total length of 165 ft (50.3 cm) and travels at a crusing speed of 15 knots.

    In 2013 the Deja Vu underwent a complete makeover which included interior as well as exterior upgrades. The interior of this luxury liner was designed by Donald Sharkey. The interior was designed to reflect a warm charm and ambiance with imported carpeting and cherrywood panels. In addition, a spacious bridge deck was recently installed. The Deja Vu can accomodate up to twelve guests with six large cabins. A cozy lounging area, dining room and jacuzzi only add to the luxury and quality of this beautiful ship. The length of this yacht is approximately 50.3 meters. This one of a kind yacht can be purchased for slightly under $18 million dollars. Keep in mind this yacht is not new however, it was well maintained by the current and previous owner. A specific list of upgrades is available if interested.

    The Ice Angel is a very attractive yacht in which to look at. This unique model belongs to the 50 m Heesen Alumnium Series. Ice Angel is one of the more highly customized yachts that you will find. This yacht has a customized winding staircase as well as a beautiful and tastefully decorated interior. Large glass doors lead out to the spacious sundeck. The large split level sundeck will lead you all the way around to the jacuzzi.

    The Ice Angel was constructed in the Netherlands in 2011. Six spacious cabins can fit twelve people. The total length of this luxury yacht is 164.1 ft and has acrusing speed of roughly 12 knots possibly more. Omega Inc is responsible for the fancy and eye catching exterior design.

    The Ice Angel is constructed from alumnium and the ship has an 9m beam. The asking price for the unique and well maintained Ice Angel is roughly $28 million dollars. This yacht is being advertised as used however it was well maintained with very little wear and tear.

    The Roxane is another example of an ultra-luxury yacht. The interior of the yacht was designed by Remi Tessier. The Roxane has a length of 46.9 m and it was constructed in Turkey in 2010. The Roxane can accomodate up to nine passangers with 4 large guest cabins.

    This is the first time that the Roxane is being offered for sale. It is important to note that the Roxane has an perfect charter record to date. The yacht has a crusing speed of approximately 10.5 knots. The ship is constructed with alumnium with a wooden deck. The asking price for the Roxane is $7.5 million dollars.

    The Alexandra was designed specifically for an experienced yachtsman and it is perfect for charter cruising. The Alexandra has three VIP suites off the main deck. In addition, it is also important to note that this luxury yacht has had the same owner since the original purchase.

    The Alexandra S/Y was designed in Italy back in 2002. There are seven cabins inside which can fit up to fourteen guests. In addition, there is also a private office, shower and jacuzzi off the main deck. The yacht has an extra large swim platform which allows easy access to the water. The yacht is approximately 50 m in length and operates at a speed of 18 knots. The Alexandra is MCA compliant.

    The yacht has an all steel and heavy duty alumnium structure. If you happen to have about $14 million dollars to spare the Alexandra can be yours.

    A Charter luxury yacht is certainly a luxury no matter how you look at it. If you are currently in the market to purchase or sell a luxury yacht it is probably best to secure the services of a reputable yacht broker like ourselves who can assist you every step of the way. We can literally take care of everything for you. Therefore, you have little to worry about except paying for your new yacht.
    We can arrange transport and flights and all your travel arrangements to make a viewing as well as do full due dilligence for you on the yacht and lifestyle of your choice.

    The luxury Yacht Lifestyle
    If the idea so spending quality time with family and friends and soaking up the sun around the Mediterranean, South Pacific, Caribbean, Bahamas appeals to you then there is no better way to experience this than with your own luxury yacht.
    With it's own Captin and crew you can site back and relax and share special moments with your family and friends eating frshly prepared food from the onboard galley and top chef.
    With also lots of on board toys to keep you occupied you are also free to sail wherever takes your fancy. Throw exquisite parties, visit the Monaco Grand Prix and boat show, Tour around the islands and see sights that you just can not see from land.

    Purchasing a luxury yacht:
    Our dedicated team can assist with all aspects of your sale and purchase and take you through the process with ease. From VIP transfers to viewing your yacht to the fine print down on the contracts. Everything is done with finesse to your satisfaction after all making the purchase of a Superyacht is a very exciting time for you and your family.
    Speak to our team and lets get your marine journey underway


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