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Private Jets For Sale

Private Business Jets Jets is a further extension of our luxury products/services, range of Superyachts and Real Estate.
We have sourced some of the best on the market private jets and with our highly qualified and respect sales team of Jas Hawker and Dan Ingall who are both former RAF (Red arrows) fighter pilots, then you know you are in good hands.
We can arrange viewings and trails of any of our aircraft listed and we can also through our connections source most of the leading makes of Business Jets.

We are also actively seeking to increase our private jet portfolio as such we can offer some flexible options on prices for listing your jet for sale with us. has the longest serving Internet Marketing Expert in the UK and together with our team we can place your aircraft in th ebest places to get the best possible chance of a quick sale.

Contact us to obtain a media pack on how we can promote and sell your aircraft.

Challenger 601-1A private jet for sale $1,495,000 (USD)
Embraer Lineage 1000 Private Jet for sale
This Stunning Challenger 601 Aircraft is available for immediate sale and is noteable for it's larger size cabin.

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Success doesn’t happen overnight, we know this. Each aircraft sale takes
a lot of hard work, planning, dedication and effort from our side. We
know what it takes to make an aircraft sale work, from the commitment
and determination needed from the team, to the quality of photos of the
aircraft we are selling etc. – we know what it takes and we will
maintain a constant high level of interest and passion towards making
sure we fulfil your requirements on time and successfully.

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