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Private Jets for sale is a further extension of our luxury products/services, range of Superyachts and Prestige Real Estate to the UK market, Europe and International.

Our professional and very discreet staff are happy to take enquiries from  Heads of State, Celebrities & business owners to privately dicuss their requirements for the purchase of a private jet, business aircraft or to arrange a private jet charter


We can arrange viewings and trails of any of our private jets and aircraft listed and we can also through our jet affiliate partners source most of the leading makes of Private jtes, and Commercial Aircraft.

We have many of the leading brands of Private jets listed and available to purchase  including:-


Best place to sell a private jet? has the longest serving individual Internet Marketing Expert in the UK and together with our team we can place your aircraft in the best places to get the best possible chance of a quick sale.

Along with our affiliate partners whom our sales team collaborates with, we have lots of options to market your aircraft for sale to get you in front of the right people, the fact that you are reading this demonstrates that...!

Contact us for more information on how we can promote and sell your aircraft.

Along with Private jets we are also happy to list Commercial Aircraft such as Boeing and Airbus and also a selection of helicopters providing that any individual item is priced at £1 Milion Pound Plus.

See also our UK Private Jet Charters service where you can book online to any of the most popular destinations:

  • New York
Challenger 601-1A private jet for sale $1,495,000 (USD)
Embraer Lineage 1000 Private Jet for sale:
This Stunning Challenger 601 Aircraft is available for immediate sale and is noteable for it's larger size cabin.

MD 87 VIP Call for price

1992 MD 87 –VIP - 24 Passenger Interior (2012 Refit). Available for Sale and Lease, Privately Registered.

Selling Your Privat Jet or Commercial Aircraft? You're in the Right Place

Prestige Private jets and Commercial Aircraft

Aircraft Leasing:

We also have an Aircraft leasing option, if you would like to make a lease purchase then please contact us to discuss in more details.

Aircraft Finance:

We can provide finance for most projects subject to status with our specially selected finance partners who offer different options and SPV's to make your purchase.

So if you are looking to purchase a Private jet for your business or personal use or a commercial aircraft we can put the finance in place to ensure a quick and smooth transaction.


Success doesn’t happen overnight, we know this. Each aircraft sale takes
a lot of hard work, planning, dedication and effort from our side. We
know what it takes to make an aircraft sale work, from the commitment
and determination needed from the team, to the quality of photos of the
aircraft we are selling etc. – we know what it takes and we will
maintain a constant high level of interest and passion towards making
sure we fulfil your requirements on time and successfully.


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