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The "1" Club

Are you ready to connect with industry leaders and other HNWI like yourself.

A working synergy with our partners



1UK.COM is rewriting the rule book on collaborations by bringing together a network of influencial and High Net Worth people to do business through our unique luxury portal.



Typically a company would keep their cards close to their chest about who their clients and suppliers are, we work the opposite of this as we are about sharing connections and bring people together so we can all do business and collaborate on projects



Joining the "1" exclusive club gives you the opportunity to connect and network with like minded individuals, HNWI, Business leaders and professionals to either buy or sell your products & services or simply make connections to do business.

The "1" club is an Exclusive fee based private members club. The Junior member joining fee is £1750.00 + VAT. This is valid for 12 months and during your membership depending on your participation you will be given incentives to upgrade through the various levels of membership up to Platinum Elite.

Money can not buy access to the top level, connecting, networking and sharing business does....

Use the form below to request an invitation to you join and please add brief details of your business in the comments.