Superyacht Training Course

Superyacht Training Course

Introduction to Superyachts Training Course
Our Superyacht Steward/ess training course UK provides all you will need to start work as a Steward or Stewardess. Designed for complete beginners, no stone is left unturned, our Instructors have over 20 years experience in the industry & provide a vast repertoire of skill sets to teach.  
Working on-board a Superyacht is a career like no other. The yachts boast incredible itineraries, you get to see the world’s top destinations through the eyes of the rich & famous.
Your accommodation, food & living expenses are taken care of & with a highly competitive starting salary, it can be very rewarding financially. Working on-board a charter yacht often offers very high tips additionally.
Designed to introduce the entry level stewardess/steward to working on yachts and the world of yachting.  Everything you will need to know to work and live on-board as well as communicate and interact with the guests.  How to clean and care for the yacht, covering all aspects of housekeeping, bed and heads as well as laundry, floristry, different styles of 5 star service, wine & mixology.
We start our Superycht Training courses in the UK, in Harrogate North Yorkshire & complete your courses in South of France with our partner Titan Fleet. We are the only school offering this unique opportunity & once finished we offer a Recruitment/Orientation day in Antibes.
Introduction to Yachting
‘Introducing the course and a general overview of the yachting industry’
Demographics - Terminology - Yacht Layout - Cruising Areas
How to Enter the Industry - Resume Assistance - Yachting Life
Personal Presentation - Communication & Body Language - Etiquette

Speak to us also about STCW courses in the UK

Yacht Interiors/Housekeeping
‘An understanding of the presentation & detailing of cabins, bathrooms & guest areas. To understand how to clean & maintain the fabrics, surfaces & finishes found on a typical Superyacht’
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - General Clean vs Detail Clean
Cleaning Caddie - Beds & Heads - Evening Turn-down
Understanding Materials & Fabrics Typically Found on a Superyacht
 Yacht Interiors & Laundry
‘A basic understanding of laundry procedures & how to carry out duties efficiently & professionally/proficiently’
Laundry Guidelines - Reading Labels - Guideline Specifics
Laundry Fabric Types - Machines Used on Superyachts
Laundry Techniques
Yacht Safety
‘A basic understanding of the importance of health & safety in the Maritime Industry. Be able to identify hazards in the interior department’
Legal Maritime Understanding - Health & Safety Practices - MARPOL/IMO
MSDS/SDS - What is a Watch? -  Drills & Muster Stations
Introduction to Service

‘To understand the principles of guest service, to understand how to provide different food & beverage service techniques’

The Role of the Steward/ess - Mise-en-Place - Wine Service - Different styles of Service

Cutlery Identification & Introduction to luxury brands - Glassware

Beverage Service - Tableware - Food Safety
Wine & Mixology

‘A basic understanding of wine & mixology’

Basic Knowledge on the Wine Making Process - List of Grapes - Varieties & Locations

New World vs Old World Wines - Basic Wine Pronunciations - How to Open & Store Wine on Superyachts

Basic Spirits & Cocktails Basics - Vodka/Rum/Gin/Tequila Classics - Practical Masterclass
Basics Floristry & Plant Care

‘To understand the principles of flower arrangement & basic plant care’

Ordering Flowers - Types of Designs Specificaly for Superyachts

Types of Designs - Singular Stems - Leaves & Large Individual Tropical Leaves

The Family of Orchids - Index of What is in Season Year-Round