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Robert Braithwaite had a dream back in 1960’s to build his own new type of boat. In Poole, Dorset Robert used major technology and materials in order to create his extradentary designs which were then put made specifically for only a small number of his own customers.

Starting his career Robert started off by working for a company called Friar’s Cliff Marnie selling smaller boats by an American boat builder named Owens Cruisers Inc.

In 1969 the company Poole and so then changed their company name to become Poole Powerboats. Shortly after this a number of events took a turn for the worse for the company.

The American boat builder Owens Cruisers had decided that they no longer wanted to distribute their products in Europe meaning that the UK operation had to be closed down.

Although, Poole Powerboats had never built any kind of boats before Robert had seen an unusual opportunity for the company. From that moment received authorisation from others and begin to raise some money which then allowed him to travel to Arundel and negotiated a deal to work with their boat moulds.

In the United Kingdom back in the early 1970’s there was next to no boat builders within the Leisure and Sports industry.

One of the first products to be launched was the Sovereign 17 in 1971 which was then followed by the Sovereign 20 not long after. One year after the first product launch Poole Powerboats attended the Southampton Boat Show.

At the show they had the Formula One Driver, Henry Taylor visited their stand enquiring for a boat that could accommodate a full width sunbed. Shortly after this enquiry the team set about creating designs to give their customers exactly what they were looking for.

During the very early stages of Sunseeker is when Robert’s younger sibling John joined the business learning all aspects of the business as well as producing a number of award-winning designs which promoted him to the Product Development Director for the next 50 years.

Due to the company success they then launched two more boats which included the Daycab 23 and the Sports 23 this is when Sunseeker arrived.

Sunseeker by the late 1970’s was selling British luxury performance motor yachts in Northern Europe as well as the UK. One of the goals for both Robert and John at this time was to break into the Mediterranean destinations by producing a boat that comes equipped with racing capabilities as well as having outstanding style.

With the idea of combining a racing boat and Superyacht Robert set out designing a new type of cruiser. First of its performance type in Europe came the Offshore 28 which won the company sales in Germany, France and Spain which is when they changed the company name again to Sunseeker International in 1985.

Portofino 31 was then created in 1989, the purpose behind this was to create something that moved from just being an overnight accommodation to something that could host more guests and had plenty of style. From the Portofino 31 then came the fantastic Tomahawk 37.

Entering in to the 1990 came the very first production boat that was accompanied with twin jets to give an exceptional performance. Robert and John then collaborated with yacht interior designer Ken Freivokh to upgrade the interior style. In the mid 1990’s saw the yacht builder enter in to the superyacht market were they then launched Sunseeker Predator 80 with the most luxurious interior and outstanding fixture and fittings ever seen within the industry.

Into the millennium saw the UK’s largest motor yacht to ever be produced, the 105 Yacht. With top speeds of up to 32 knots and its exceptional designs the motor yacht even won awards at the International Superyacht design awards. Fifteen years after the 105 Yacht was created the company has created their hundredth luxury performance motor yacht and hundreds of other outstanding yachts not forgetting the flagship 155 Yacht.

Today Sunseeker International export 150 yachts a year to over 74 different countries.


Just like with any customer everyone is unique which is way each of the company’s products are made to each individual taste which is why all of the products are hand built and hand finished. The company’s passion is to give all of the customers the ability to personalise elements within their yacht no matter what size it maybe.

Would you like to create a yacht personalised with your unique tastes from scratch? Then look no further. For the bigger yachts that are over 100ft a bespoke service can be offered. You will be able to choose fabrics and materials that you can create something incredibly special.

 88 Yacht

The new and outstanding 88 yacht has been produced with the feel of a superyacht but the practical advantages of at vessel of this size. The vessel will stand out in any marina with the sleek hardtop roof with an optional canopy that opens in the centre not forgetting the impressive exterior lines. As standard this yacht is powered by twin MTU 10 V 2000’s meaning that the vessel can reach speeds of up to 28 knots it is without a doubt that your guest will cruise in comfort and complete luxury. One of the main features within the 88 yacht is the ‘Beach Club’ concept which can be accessed by the dual teak staircases. With this feature it transforms the area into a private outdoor sanctuary under a X-TEND sunbed with an optional parasol. Whether you are looking to entertain, relax or have fun in style the yacht 88 is perfect for your eight guests and four crew members.

Hawk 38

The amazing brand-new high-performance day boat comes the Hawk 38. Returning to its performance roots is the dynamic stepped hull in combination with the Fabio Buzzi design. This was announced as the winner of over 50 world championships and over 40 world speed records. The hull has been created with the most up to date engine technologies to give the best performance but also keeping it low cost to run for its clients. With a wide range of pain finishes and upholstery colours it is unlikely that any two boats will ever be the same to help create the ultimate superyacht chase boat.

The new 100 Yacht

Ready to be launched in late 2021 is the new 100 yacht bosting with simplicity, sophistication and a modern twist. Made with excellent detail and architecture this vessel is set to surprise. The detail which can only usually be found in the custom superyachts will also include sunbathing hideaways, private terrace and open plan interior to enchant any owner. The vessel measures 97.8’ in length with a 22.8’ beam along with reaching a maximum speed of up to 28 knots.

Yacht 95

Another spacious and streamlined superyacht to give you the best freedom and experience whilst onboard. This boat has a new cutting-edge design and is fully equipped for luxury entertainment for you and your guests. The length of this vessel is 92’1” with a beam of 21’6” and maximum speed reaching up to 26 knots.

Ocean Club Ninety

The ocean Club Ninety is set to launch in the Autumn 2020. The new yacht is set to give the feel of a true superyacht experience with its outstanding open plan interior and striking lines to showcase a newer fresher design for the new larger models. The length of the boat is 88.11’ in length, 23.6 on the beam and travels a maximum speed of up to 26 knots.

86 Yacht

A beautiful combination of exclusivity and style comes the 86 yacht at a length or 86’3” and beam of 21’3”. There has been every attention detail to make sure that the boat has boat has been made to absolute perfection. Full of natural light inside the main saloon there is a large welcoming space along with hand finished furnishings and the latest technologies. With a maximum speed of up to 30 knots guests can enjoy a thrilling ride or sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery.

76 Yacht

If it is style, space and performance that you are looking for then this yacht will give you everything that you are looking for and more. With a very deep V hull design along with class leading space on all decks this is perfect for any owner. The main deck itself will give you and your guests a 360-degree view on all your surroundings to ensure that you gain the maximum experience. The cockpit can be designed to your requirements with a cocktail bar, additional seating BBQ grill and mini beach club. The yacht measures 77’5” in length, 19’6” bean and can reach a outstanding maximum speed of up to 32 knots.

74 Sport Yacht

A sleek but yet low profile of sport yacht the beauty of the boat is that it comes with all of the latest technologies and luxurious finishing making it everything and more for you and your guests. If it is socialising and space with a sporty feel that you are looking for then this the boat for you. Produced with ample entertaining space offering amazing views and a seductively shaped cockpit allows the interior living space to become one with the outside. You surely do get the sporty feel with the maximum speed running up to 38 knots.

65 Sport Yacht

This sport yacht went through 12 months of development before the final design was given the go ahead. The 65 Sport yacht combines tradition and high tech into one to give a performance of a lifetime. With a polished exterior of carbon fibre and stainless-steel fixture and fittings it is a very eye-catching boat for its new owner. There are three cabins inside which can accommodate a appointed crew and up to six guests. Also, on board there is a personal bar, BBQ, free standing seating and direct access to the sea. The length of the 65 Sport yacht is 67’2” in length, 16’8” beam and reaches a maximum speed of up to 35 knots.

Predator 74

The new predator 74 strikes in both style and power. The latest production can fulfil any type of lifestyle lazy mornings or speedy afternoons especially with maximum speeds reaching up to 40 knots in the crystal blue waters. Inside of the breath-taking saloon is the best place for entertaining your guest with the copious amounts of seating area, personal bar and panoramic glass sliding roof top. Each of the cabins on board come with state-of-the-art entertainment and flawless attention to detail. The guests will have a choice of either a walk-in wardrobe or office space.

Predator 60 EVO

A more practical yet still stunning approach was taken when creating the Predator 6 Evo. On this project there was a bolder design but still keeping to the modern and sophisticated style included in the furnishings, materials and textures. Although a practical approach was taken the yacht doesn’t lack in performance with speeds still reaching up to an amazing 32 knots still being able to cut sharp in those open waters.

Predator 55 EVO

A perfect blend of technology, design and craftmanship comes the Predator 55 EVO with the all the latest’s led technologies. Still a exceptionally popular model out of the whole range she is engineered to keep any heart racing. With the extraordinary design, notable Predator lines and beautiful sport interior she sure does ensure both comfort and style. The Predator 55 EVO also includes the benefits of having the state of the heart AV system with zoning capabilities as well as allowing different music to be played in the saloon at the same time as the cockpit – this is perfect to suit all guests’ moods.

Predator 50

If it is a lifetime adventure or an afternoon of a thrilling ride across the crystal blue waters the choice is entirely up to you with the Predator 50.

This is definitely a yacht for all occasions with the sufficient amount of space for entertaining your friends and family inside and out of the cruiser. With the new style open plan design the yacht furnishes a fully opening cockpit and hardtop roof. You will also find space for your party to relax and enjoy the signature ‘Beach Club’ which will consist of a fold down beach, BBQ and overhead shower. The length of the yacht is 54’, the beam is 14’9” and speeds of up to 32 knots.

Manhattan 68

The new addition to the award-winning Manhattan models is the Manhattan 68 offering exceptional levels of luxury and comfort. On the main deck is were the main focus is to make sure there is ample sociable space for all of the party. One the inside of the yacht you will find a large main saloon which is filled with natural lighting. The other benefits include sweeping glazing which has even been extended to below the TV console, then onto the fully equipped aft galley which consists of a large dinette. From the Portuguese-bridge you will find her exterior lines along with a cockpit which is now joining the Sunseeker Beach Club. Some of the features include built-in charging and a dedicated water level locker. The guest cabins are all very spacious with a luxurious master cabin which you can access its very own staircase to the port.

Manhattan 66

Am improvement on design and exceptional features including a panoramic hull and saloon windows. Throughout the main deck there has always been a main focus on creating a yacht that is very much usable with ample social space. Due to the new configured flybridge it will give you and your guests the sense that you are on a much larger craft especially with the larger sunbathing areas and fully equipped wet bars. To set the boat apart from any others in its range there is also the optional BBQ, overhead rain shower and fold away beach seat. The galley is perfectly situated on the main deck meaning that there is enough room below for two large twin cabins, VIP Suite and a full beam master suite with its very own private staircase with access from the saloon.

Manhattan 55

Best known to relax, indulge and entertain comes the Manhattan 55. Another one of Sunseekers exceptional designs has been to enhance cruising and comfort something that is only usually found in the larger range of yachts. The exterior design of this new flybridge model is made up of curved glass and stainless-steel details whilst the interior is made up of a glass cockpit and galley window which can be opened at the touch of a button. Powered by a Volvo Penta D13-800 engines the cruiser has the ability to reach up to a max speed of 32 knots.

Manhattan 52

Winning the Motor Boat awards under category ‘Flybridge up to 55ft’ in 2017 is the Manhattan 52. Throughout the motor yacht its living and entertainment space has been maximised. With some of the features that Manhattan 55 has including the curved glass, open cockpit space and upper aft galley the look has been created to emphasise its stunning look and bring in even more light. The typical maximum speed for this boat is up to 31 knots.

Ocean Club 50

A new model that joined the collection back in 2018 which has been developed by Dutch builders (ICON Yachts) and was one of the first aluminium-built vessel in the 50 years of trading. The standard number of guests for the vessel is ten guests in five cabins and the max speed reaching up to 20 knots. The yacht is 50 meters long and features the brands iconic exterior lines as well as the theme throughout offering volume, flexibility and space.

Ocean club 42

Ready to launch in 2021 the Ocean Club 42 is the latest addition to the Superyacht family representing practicality, style and design. Its one of the first ever models to have a vertical bow and 31’ beam to allow an interior volume which it 27% larger than its sister ship, the 131 yacht. The interiors that had the opportunity to design this motor yacht really pushed the boundaries of all space, light, technology and detail. On top of this there is a large amount of entertainment space to offer for any type of occasion.

131 Yacht

Using only the most ultra-modern materials and techniques comes the tri-deck 131 Yacht. It is a great length of 131’5” with a beam of 26’7” and reaches a fantastic speed of up to 25 knots. The main deck compromises of a lounge, full galley and dining area. Whilst the on the upper deck you will find a cocktail bar, sky lounge and access to the sky deck.

116 Yacht

The future of all Superyachts is the cutting edge 116 yacht. It has been built on a popular processor which has been used in the 115 Sport yacht however, with the sophistication and next level deck this boat also comes with an open plan layout and a more modern design. The 116 is also known for its Bespoke service so that every little bit of detail can be tailored to the needs of each individual customer creating the ultimate luxury yacht experience.