New Build Solar Yachts & Superyachts

Shipbuilders Nedships new build boats concepts & Design. Naval Architect for solar power yachts
70m Events Yacht New Build - Ideal for conference, parties, Casino, Trade Shows.
New Prestige Yachts for sale prices UK. 630 and 680

50m ‘Follow The Sun’

50 meters ‘Follow The Sun’ is focusing on ecological solutions such as 160+ square meters solar cells area and hybrid solution with additional e-engines for propulsion during slow cruising. Wind turbines can be installed as well. The sophisticated exterior lines and clean surfaces call attention to ultra-modern automotive styling.

The aft part is optimized for a fully certified helicopter platform and is following Eurocopter 155 standards. The interior of the catamaran benefits on the vast interior spaces. In order to meet the charter market well there are double owner suites.

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We are pleased to be able to offer this fantastic range of concepts & new build Superyachts by Nedships to our clients & visitors. If you would like more information on any of these yachts please contact myself Paul Thompson for more details.

These amazing solar yachts can travel the world without using 1 litre of fuel.....

Imagine ......

..... you will hear the wind, feel the sea, listen to the waves, and no terrible engine noise

..... no noise or vibrations during anchor or at night

..... no fuel costs (as long as you will don't use the generator or diesel hybrid engines)

..... much less maintenance and operating costs

..... no smell of diesel

..... no oil film on the water, so clean water for swimming

..... select on your auto pilot a destination far away and you will arrive there some days later, relaxed and without using 1 litre of fuel 

Coming Soon new build tenders for Superyachts

Solar & Concept Yachts

We are pleased to introduce this magnificent range of Solar and Concept yachts for sale.

Solar power yachts has to be the future of yachting so we are pleased to be promoting this range of solar powered yachts that can travel the world without using so much as a litre of fuel....

Please browse the various designs and if you would like to discuss a purchase in more detail please contact us under no obligation and we would be pleased to present these wonderful yachts to you.

90m Classic

90 m classic Superyacht by nedships Solar Yacht Brokers

D1000 47M

d 1000 Solar Yacht Brokers

65m Sea Bull

Solar Yacht Brokers

42M Solar Dream

Solar Yacht Brokers

41m Tri-Deck

90 m classic Superyacht by nedships Solar Yacht Brokers

Events Yacht

events yachts

50m Follow the Sun

Solar Yacht Brokers

Yacht Islands

Yacht Islands