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Charter Fleet Account Features

Joining alone gives you the following features

  • Same Day Setup: Simple account setup with our automated sign up system
  • Yacht Management: Once your account is approved you can add/edit/delete your listings and take control of them
  • SEO: When you had added your listings our specialist team will go through and optimise them with our 26 years pioneering SEO experience to help your yachts get the best positions in Google
  • Cross Marketing: Our site is unique that not only being Europe’s largest luxury portal website you can take full advantage of our cross marketing with our luxury property and private jet websites which is also view by HNWI
  • Newsletters: Your yachts will be included in our newsletters across all our sites.
  • Social Media: We have over 24,000 followers and connections on all our social media accounts and virtual all marine related or wealthy people.
  • Advertising: We have lots of opportunities to advertise in other places on all sites in the group and this is complimentary as a member
  • Recruitment and Staff Training: You can post your senior staff positions in our brand new recruitement section on, we also do staf training courses.
  • Transparency: Successful partnerships are built on trust, so when someone enquiries about one of your yachts the email will also forward to you as well as us, so you can manage it straight away with us earning our commission if it comes to fruition.

Joining as a member also gives you access to as a dual account and comes with the following extra features

  • Events calendar: Promote your local events and exhibitions you are attending on our events calendar, complimentary as one of our customers.
  • External Marketing: As a leading luxury website we get invited to attend luxury shows and exhibitions and in return we get a free stand, we use these to promote your yachts on our site, more exposure for you.
  • Itinerary: Our Charter manager has over 12 year’s experience on charters as chief stew and knows all the best places and can assist in producing an enticing itinerary.
  • Entertainment: As the first company to offer a unique onboard entertainment service with TV and sports celebrities you can also earn a commission from bookings as one of our members
  • Travel & Logistics: With our new big travel site going live in 2021 we can assist with a door to door service including private jet travel in Pandemic times to keep people safe.
  • Charter Reviews: We are all ready to launch our global charter review site, something like trip advisor but just for charters on yachts and jets, which will be yet another avenue for our clients to advertise on.
  • Coming Soon: Lots of new features coming early 2021 including a yacht only version of facebook, our APP, Business to Business directory, Travel site, Yacht Insurance comparison site and yet more areas you can promote with.
  • Brokerage: As member we can offer you some very competitive rates for C/A listings of your yachts and will be pleased to assist in supplying and maintaining your fleet.
  • Webdesign: As the very 1st webdesign company in the UK we have over 26 year’s experience so again as one of our members we can assist in developing your website and offer complimentary hosting if you would like us to set you up with a site in the UK.
  • 1UK system: Use our systems for your own website to display your yachts.
  • Fees: A small setup fee that is fully refundable on the first charter booking and all of the above is included for a small monthly fee to avoid timewasting and keep the site special, to keep prices low we take an agreed commission on sales leads that we provide. Also look out for our special offers available time to time.
  • All of this: Culminates into an amazing account and unique way to promote your charter yachts to the UK market with lots of opportunities for you to take advantage of and with your charter skills and our online marketing skills we will make a great team and a great collaboration

 See below for more detailed information

Fleet Operators and Owners

Overview of benefits

Our charter account allows you to set up your fleet on our site that we will then market for charter in return for a commission.

Signing up on our site alone gives you the following benefits


Setup is all automated, you just need to head over to our registration page and setup your account as a company, then add yourself as an Agent so you can begin to list your yachts.

To be eligible to list yachts on our luxury portal at the average charter booking amount for a particular yacht must be in excess of £20k.

Yacht Management: Through your dashboard you can add/edit/delete your listings and also feature them. You can add titles and Meta Tags and ALT tags on all your images. You can also batch upload images to save time or grab them from your own website. If you join as your primary site, then you will also be added to to add your listings on there also increasing your exposure.



SEO: Once you have listed your yachts our developers will then go through your listing to (SEO)optimise it for you so then we can promote it to get the highest rankings. So, for example if you have a catamaran and you are based in Mallorca, then we would optimise that particular boat for "catamaran charters in Mallorca". so, then people searching in Google will bypass other pages on the website and be taken straight to your yacht. We pioneered SEO and have the longest history of any company in the UK of SEO and online marketing

Cross Marketing: We have several sites in our group (you can find all these in our latest media pack PDF ) which we manage and one of the biggest advantages of our websites over other traditional multi listing sites, is this unique fact. We have a lot of traffic visits for example our website looking for luxury property and private jet charters for example, and being wealthy individuals or HNWI they will also view the other sections on our websites and thus making up the 300,000 hits per month we get across our sites.
So while your yachts maybe listing on one of our sites they will also be marketed across on our other websites to attract as much attention as possible.

Newsletters: Every customer of ours will get their listings featured at some point in our newsletters and this includes cross marketing on other newsletters in the group to get you maximum exposure.

Social Media: We have over 24,000 followers and connections on our social media accounts which include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We market our sites through all these channels and have a big campaign planned for the start of 2021 leading right up to the start of the Charter Season in the Mediterranean. We also use paid ads on occasions which we sometimes use to target specific areas.

Advertising: To increase your exposure we have advertising opportunities that are available on our site to features yachts on the homepages and in other areas of our websites, this is a paid service for non-members, but as a member apart from on the home page we have a queueing system so that every member gets an equal fair share of exposure for no extra cost to you. So, for example this could be on pages where we have yachts for sale down the right side of the page, so on both websites this would get your advert on around 1600+ pages across the sites.

Transparency: Successful partnerships are built on trust, so once your account is activated, we shall set up a special email address for you on our domain which will then forward any enquiries we receive about your yachts to both you and us, so you will be able to deal with these sales leads accordingly We shall also make contact with the customer to inform them of the procedure and what to expect. It should be noted that while we pass leads to you in this way, they are “our clients” and as such cannot be added to your marketing emails and apart from discussing the charter can only be otherwise contacted through us. Failure to adhere to this would break trust and jeopardise our collaboration and would not be beneficial to anyone.

Joining as a member also gives you access to as a dual account and comes with the following extra features


Events calendar: This feature was stopped during the pandemic but will restart early 2021. As a member you have full access to add your events to our events calendar, this could be local boats shows or exhibitions maybe to promote them through our website, this comes complimentary with your account.

External Marketing: With being the largest luxury portal website in Europe we regularly get invited to market luxury shows and exhibitions and in return we usually take a complimentary stand at the show. When we attend these shows we market “your yachts” and create advertising banners and promotional material to distribute at the show. You are also invited to send us your own promotional material for us to distribute at the shows. We so far have two shows planned for 2021 at the Luxury property show in London and the Elite Show in London for HNWI clients showing, yachts, supercars and Aircraft.
We also have our other websites in the group that we manage that we also use for marketing and we shall be starting a programme of tailored advertising on these sites in 2021 to further promote your yachts and our services, these include 1uk,com which is a yacht insurance comparison website.

UK Coverage: With our dominance in the UK market it goes without saying that if you are interested in clients from the UK then we are the best place to advertise your yachts, being independent gives us a distinct advantage over other broker sites that target to a smaller audience.

Itinerary: Our charter manager is an ex chief Stew on from superyachts with 12 years on board charter experience so she can assist our clients with their itineraries to wet their appetite and we plan to work with you as one of our clients to produce some that will be appealing to the UK and European markets

Entertainment: We are one of the only companies to offer a specific service of yacht charter entertainment, we can provide celebrity guests which include sports and musicians and we can also cater for lower budget charters or as part of a group in a flotilla. We want to work with you on expanding this and as one of our members you also earn a commission from any bookings. This a brand-new service for 2021 and is being managed by our own staff member Pau Booth who is a very well-known MC in the UK for Sporting events on television.

Travel & Logistics: With the interruption of COvid-19 in 2020 we can also provide a door to door travel service for your guests which include arranging private jets that are possible to be shared if we have several bookings on the same dates and same locations. Through our own Insurance comparison website at we can also arrange travel insurance for clients.

Charter Reviews: Similar to trust pilot we have built and its already to go live for next season a specific charter review website which clients will be able to leave reviews on the crew and the yachts. We appreciate that some systems allow this on their websites, but there is nothing that is across the board and across the globe for all yachts. Once live tis will again become another marketing tool also as the visitors will be charter guests. This is a fantastic opportunity for all our members to utilise to gain business and we will release further details one the site is fully live.

Coming Soon: Some new features that we will be adding for Spring in 2021, include our a Yacht Version of Facebook, this will be for the whole industry to use without the strict unnecessary rules that are imposed on us all by Facebook. It operates in the same way and you can also create your own personal family groups or work groups. Chat and connections on 1uk sites, where you will be able to chat and email other members on the site and connect with other brokers and agents as well as clients, giving you an opportunity to market to them directly.
Business Directory, this is already in place with all the categories setup and a small number have clients have listed their business, this is for registered users only and not available to the public so you can advertise things such as parts and yachts for sale/exchange and also off market to other brokers and agents, this again will be complimentary as part of your low monthly fee but is another tool to help you with your business.

Our APP, is well underway now and soon people will be able to download this and we can then use push technology to promote to users and will give you another outlet for promotion. has been developed as a luxury travel website and also incorporates our own hand written 150 page travel guide. We shall be using the site specifically to promote yacht charters and holiday homes in Europe and if you are a member on any of our sites then you will also benefit from this. The site is live now and our travel section is due to be completed by the end of January 2021 with a host of exciting features for visitors to use that take advantage of the downturn and loss of major travel companies in 2020 due to the Pandemic.
we are also looking offer a complete package holiday for clients with travel and hotel to make the whole process less hassle for them and our concierge service will help them to plan the whole holiday including the charter. Clients do ask us who is the best company to book a charter with, so we recommend the ones that we get good feedback from and who are pleasant and good to work with.

So, we have lots going on and we are a very innovative and forward-thinking company, we already have websites in place for Space Travel and Flying Taxis, so we are always looking to the future and have a strong positive outlook.

Brokerage: Let’s not forget that we are also Yacht brokers, so we can source new yachts for purchase and also assist with the sale of your old fleet and again as a member we can do some great deals with you on commissions. You get free listings on our site even if you don’t choose to use us as your broker to advertise your yachts for sale and we also have a wanted section if you are looking for something in particular.

Webdesign: As well as being Sailors and Yacht Brokers, we have been designing websites for over 26 years along with pioneering SEO and online marketing. If you would like to use our systems on your own website or would like help with designing a new website then again as a member we can offer you some very attractive rates and also as a member you can pay on a monthly basis to help though these difficult times.
As a partner member also we can offer you Complimentary website hosting on our servers if you would like a UK website and we can register the domain names for you and set up your own control panel to manage your email addresses and FTP access to your website files.

Fees: There is a small set up fee to administer and setup your account details, which is fully refunded from our first commission that we receive.
There is also a small monthly fee to cover ongoing maintenance on your account and to ensure that we have the best quality suppliers on our prestigious site without undesirables flooding the site with ghost boats.
Income is fully re-invested into marketing to help us in promoting you to as wide and suitable audience as possible. You can read below all the benefits you get from an account as well as listing your yachts. It is also to ensure that you list your prime stock available for charter so we both have the best chance of generating sales leads, and as such the fee is waived on high value performing accounts.



Targets & Goals: It is only in our interest to get you as much business as possible so we can maintain a fruitful partnership, with Covid-19 it is still going to be a challenging year in 2021 even though things will hopefully start to return to normal as the vaccines become more widely available. We want to work with you and market your vessels in the best way possible to get the best exposure for you, we can get people to view your yachts but we can’t guarantee that they will book your yachts or choose someone else, so it is important that we assist with your listings to show them in the best possible way.
We are here to help, 1UK is one big lead generation machine with the cogs well oiled, so work with us and together we can drive more traffic for everyone.