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Silver Yacht Brokers Commission Subscription

Silver - Yacht Brokers Commission Only Account


  • Ability to add/edit/delete your own luxury yacht listings on portal and list up to 25 of your prime luxury yachts and superyacht central agency listings.
  • Technical support to assist you with any problems.
  • Gives you membership to our network so that your company is displayed when we have any clients looking for a reputable broker to sell their yacht, all our partners are given a fair chance.
  • Any yachts that you listed will be also featured in our newsletters and through our social media channels
  • You will have the option for an extra fee to feature your listings or your company details in different areas of our site
  • You will have the option for an extra fee to include your listings and promote your company on any of our other portals
  • Sales leads that come through to the site are forwarded to you and us at the same time

Plus all Features of the Bronze account

    • Early Access to view the "Boats Wanted' Section where clients/users or brokers can post where they are seeking a particular model or type of boat or maybe within a certain price range. Your account will give you 2 weeks priority before it goes live on the site.
    • It also gives access to view listings for "Boats Wanted" where the owner has selected for it to remain for registered users only and not for general public view.
    • You get priority viewing of new listings for sale where the person or company listing has selected this option.
    • Client Messages, our clients/visitors/brokers can post information on our notice board for brokers or anyone to see, this could be for anything relating to the buying and selling of yachts, spares, accessories, chartering, advice or anything that is relative to the marine industry.
    • Management and sales jobs and recruitment: We a private area where brokers and shipbuilders can post vacancies for senior sales staff and management positions ( This is strictly for senior positions "onshore" and not for the crew ).
    • View any events posted in the events calendar that is specifically for brokers or personal invitation only.
    • Connect directly with other brokers in the industry directly to chat and share information in private.
    • By joining and becoming a member of any one of our websites in the 1UK group automatically gives you full login access to the other portals within the group.
    • List your company in our broker's directory, you can add your logo and information about your company with a link back to your website. As a salesperson for a specific brokerage, you can promote your brokerage for your specific area that you cover.
    • Full access to the "myboatdetails" section. This is an area where you can direct your clients to who may be looking to list their boat for sale with you and you can send them to a unique URL where they can go to and complete a form that will then send you all the boat details. It saves you send out paper forms to complete and can be customised with extra questions and more features if your company has a silver account. It makes it easier for the client so they don't miss anything and then the Boat details are stored to produce a broker friendly brochure.
    • See Special offers from 1UK for advertising and promotion on our websites, at exhibitions and through our social media and newsletters
    • A 1UK email address to use if you would like to remain anonymous on the site.



Setup Fee: £500.00
Duration: 365 days
Price: £199.00