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We are a global trading luxury business with partners around the world

Growing Fast....Join us on our journey
and we wil be favourable in promoting your brand. was first registered by us back in 1997 and has now flourished into this prestigious leading luxury website portal. We know our new luxury journey is far from over and still in it's infancy which is a golden opportunity for your luxury brand to join as an affiliate partner and attain a share in dividends from all our sales.

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We can construct bespoke pages and brochures for your products and services



We can design adverts and banners to suit your brands image



We can promote you through all our channels including our social media and micro websites


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We can work with you closely to get the best results

Advertising & Sponsorship opportunities at 1

The 1 website has several sections and areas that are available for advertising, listing and sponsorship. We can list items in our classifieds directory plus we can also construct bespoke sections that are dedicated to one particular brand or service.

We only accept listings now in excess of £1 Million in value in this area in general but can make some exceptions if a particular item is special in some way.

For external brand advertisers we only accept household name brands that are aimed at HNWI and UHNWI and that compliment our current range of products and services.

Private Individuals

Advertising at 1

If you are an individual and you would like to advertise on the 1 website we work on a commission basis only.

If you have a yacht that is in value of £1million + then we are happy to discuss options with you and competitive rates to sell your yacht fast.


Ship Builders & Brokers

If you are a Yacht Broker or Ship Builder we would be happy to discuss a bespoke package for listing your inventory on the 1 website. We work can work on a commission upon completed sale basis or a co-brokerage basis.

As an affiliate partner of you will also earn income from all our sales once you qualify, so you can still earn income even if none of your listings sell.


Jet Remarketing and Sales

If you are an individual and jet owner and you would like to advertise on the 1 website then please contact us to discuss commission only and paid advertising opportunities and get your aircraft on the leading luxury products portal.

Maximise your jets potential with our unique cross marketing portal.


Luxury Brands

If you have a luxury product or brand that you feel would blend & compliment with our 1 website we would be happy to discuss paid and commission based advertising opportunities with you.

Homepage banners are available and start from £4995.00(+VAT) pm


Estate Agents

We are happy to list properties in excess of £1 Million in value for Brokers and Private individuals, please get in touch to discuss options for commission only and paid advertising and list your property with the leading luxury portal website.


Affiliates and Partners

We are always on the lookout for suitable dealerships & collaborations that blend with our other luxury products so if you have something that may be of interest to us then please do get in touch.