Yacht Membership Plans

Yacht Membership Plans

Join 1uk.com as a prestige affiliate member and gain access to our elite affiliate brokers network.

Silver Member

Silver Member:

This is our basic membership package which is free to join and gives you access to our newsletter and also see all our other available membership options and prices.
As silver member you will get advance notification of any new listings on the site before they go live.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free

Co-operative / Affiliate Membership Plans

Our main ethos here at 1UK besides to make a profit is to encourage networking and collaborations with other Yacht Brokers, Charter Agents and Clients. There are Six ways to join 1UK

1. Yacht Broker Co-operative
Join as a co-operative member for a monthly fee and advertise your luxury yachts for sale on our site with your own company account, all sales leads come directly to you.

2. Yacht Broker Affiliate
A personal invitation to join us as an affiliate partner, which then allows you to list your top ten CA listings and upon a completed sales lead generated as a result of 1UK then a portion of our commission is shared with all members. So you can even make money even if you sell nothing from your inventory. Sales lead first come to us then are passed to you once qualified. Invites can come from other members.

3. Client Affiliate
Join as a client by advertising your yacht with us as Central Agent and as such our profits from a sale are shared with other affiliates, but also as a client this entitles you to also become an affiliate and take a small share from future sales via the 1uk website from us and other affiliates.

4. Charter Agent Co-operative
If you have a yacht or fleet of yachts that you charter then you can list your yachts by joining as a co-operative member and pay a monthly fee to list your inventory, all leads come direct to you.

5. Charter Agent Affiliate
A personal invitation to join us as an affiliate partner whereby we aggresively market your fleet through our channels and take a commission on any completed sales leads that we generate.

6. Owners Co-operative
Advertise your yacht for sale on 1uk.com and generate some enquiries before you decide who you would like to be your CA, giving you a lot more control over your assets and we will still qualify sales leads for you. You can also be listed on other portals and MLS sites if required

7. Buyer/Seller Affiliate
Become an affiliate and choose either 1uk.com or one of our members to become your Central Agency  As an affiliate member if you buy or sell a boat through us you will automatically be entitled to share of future commissions that go into our "honeypot" that is shared amongst members.

Yacht Brokers Affiiate Network

As part of the Brokers Affiliate Network, Brokers, Charter Agents and Clients can generate income even if you dont sell anything.



  • You can generate income just simply be becoming an affiliate member and adding your inventory of Yachts
  • More exposure for your Vessels/Yachts
  • An independent and leading prestige luxury portal separate from the cluttered main stream MLS sites.
  • The prestige of being an exclusive invited member of 1uk.com.
  • Gain more Central listing from enquiries that come to 1uk.com.
  • Full unrestricted access to our yachts wanted area.
  • You own company account to manage your account.
  • Design your own bespoke pages and website within the 1uk.com website ( or we can do his for you).
  • Prime advertising spots including front page for all members.
  • Just simply by selling or buying a yacht through 1uk.com entitles you to a commission on all future sales through the website.

Owners / Clients

  • List your yacht for sale with 1uk.com and you can have a choice of choosing an individual broker to handle your sale or have 1uk.com become your Central Agent in which case we share a portion of our sales commission with the other broker members.
  • Sell your yacht through 1uk.com and you will then also receive an annual share from the "honeypot" of commissions generated by 1uk.com.
  • Test the water first by advertising your yacht for sale "off Market" to see if there is any interest.
  • As a client you gain the prestige of being part of the 1uk.com luxury global website.
  • Lots of extra perks come with being an elite member.
  • Unique Cross Marketing opportunites with our Private Jets and Luxury Property.

Member Criteria

In order to maintain the prestige of the 1uk.com website, members and affiliates must meet our quality standards and values of their CA listings to be able to join.

  • We only allow Vessels/Yachts/Mega Yachts and Superyachts to be listed that are in excess of £1 Million in value except in special circumstances.
  • Charter yacht prices must be in excess of £10,000 per week for a charter.
  • Broker Affiliates must list their top ten prime stock CA listings, this enables us to market the site as 10 of the best
  • All members agree to allow 1UK to market the site and the inventory which may include advertising on 3rd Party websites. ( permission will be sought where required to avoid duplicate entries on MLS sites )
  • Co-Brokerage deals are welcome proving they meet the criteria above.

1uk.com is not a MLS site and has no intention to be so, we are an independent broker and luxury portal that is creating a working synergy that is truly unique and allows brokers to colloborate and make money in ways not previously possible. As such the purchaser & seller both get a better deal than dealing with one single broker as they benefit from future sales on the website also, encouraging repeat sales.All member accounts are subject to our Terms & Conditions