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Collector Advice

Supercars and Hypercars

Whether our client is a collector looking for a specific model, or an owner willing to sell his own, 1UK is the key partner with insights on the model’s market, the price range and the best ways and market places to position or to find the desired vehicle.

 Count on our experts in classic cars, classic bikes and exclusive boats to support you and guide you through the complex and dynamic process with their ample experience and extensive international network.


Supercars For Sale

Do you like being sure that what you are buying is original? Do you appreciate knowing that its value is equal or higher than the price you have been offered? Or are you a seller that wants to reassure the buyer that what you are selling is worth the asking price?

1UK professionals can do this for you. We believe that fairness is the only way to a successful purchase and sale. We will check the vehicle thoroughly, its history, its documents, and all the specifics so that there is total transparency in the transaction, for both parties.

Performance & Delivery


With their market know-how, extensive experience in supporting sales and in auctions and with the correct information, our professionals can assist the collector in a number of essential steps in the selling process. For example, negotiating and closing deals, developing contracts and getting them signed, billing and collecting, supervising documents and certificates.


Finance & Admin

Supercar finance for automotive

Payment will run through our notary. The usual procedure is that the buying party, on the basis of a written agreement, pays the amounts due by him to the notary’s quality account. The notary is obliged to check the origin of the funds, as well as the legal status of the parties. The notary is obliged to pay the amounts to which the parties are entitled, after the formal transfer of ownership has taken place.


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