Supercars for sale in the UK


Supercars & Hypercars

We are pleased to bring you at our range of Supercars & Hypercars, road and road racers. We can source most models of cars so if you dont see what you are looking for please contact our sales dept to find out how we can help you.

We would like to present in our range:-

  • Ferarri Fxx-k with Evo Upgrade
  • 2015 McLaren P1 GTR
  • McLaren Senna GTR
  • McLaren Senna
  • Porsche 918 Spyder
  • 1989 Ferrari F40 with LM conversion
  • Mercedes Project one
  • La Ferrari Aperta
  • McLaren Speedtail Buildslot
  • Aston Martin Valkyrie
  • La Ferrari Coupe
  • Ferrari Enzo
  • Pagini Zonda R

Cars show and prices are subject to change and availability without prior notification, for latest availability and prices please contact us.




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"Build Slots and Availability"


Pagoni Zonda supercar

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Ferrari Enzo

Current Build Slots ( March 2019 )

Aston Martin Build Slots

Hypercars and Racecars

Mclaren Special Lawyer to Lawyer build slots available

Ferrari F40 Black POA

Ferrari G40 in Black

Ferrari F40 Red POA

Ferrari F40 supercar for sale

Ferrari F40 POA

Cars for sale - Ferrari

Ferrari-FXX-K-EVO €4.5m Euros

Ferrari-fxx-k-evo for sale Europe

Ferrari Aperta ( choice of 2 POA)

La Ferrari-Aperta luxury cars for sale

McLaren P1 GTR €2.2m Euros

McLaren P1 GTR

Mclaren Senna Premium €160,000

McLaren Senna Gtr For Sale

McLaren Senna GTR Premium €273,000

McLaren Senna For sale USA

Porsche 918 Spyder ( one of 3 in Acid Green POA)

Porsche 918 Spyder

McLaren Speedtail Buildslot POA

McLaren Speedtail Buildslot

Mercedes Project 1 €750,000 Delivery 2020

Mercedes Project 1 for sale America

Pagani Zonda FR1

Pagani Zonda

Financing your Supercar or Racecar
Makes Sense!

Welcome to the parallel universe in which the super-rich live – they don’t follow the same rules as most people. But then car enthusiasts lucky enough to be high on the waiting list for a new Bugatti Chiron Sport, Mercedes Project One or Aston Martin Valkyrie to name a few have a guaranteed investment on their hands.

Even for those wealthy enough to pay the premium on the likes of the Lamborghini Centenario or the LaFerrari Aperta, they still have a seriously good investment. 

So why do so many of these 'Ultra High Net Worth' buyers finance these type of cars?

Well, the answer is simple, financing these type of cars on a low fixed rate or even on a low interest only basis, free's up capital and as all the cars I mention and many more like them, they all appreciate in value at a much greater rate than the interest that they pay.

For example, if you have €2.5 Million Euros cash to buy a LaFerrari, then you own one that appreciates in value everyday. But if you used €2.5m to use as deposits, you could buy five LaFerrari's and see all five appreciate in value at a much greater rate than the interest you pay.

We at have a Global Network of some of the best, most trusted and competitive finance partners in this business.

Even if you use a Finance Company of your own, it maybe wise to compare the market. Its free and just one simple confidential form to fill out and it could save you a fortune