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If you’re looking to finance a yacht, jet or real estate, you will need a specialist broker to help you find the right solution and we can put you in touch with the right people. We’ve put together a guide outlining some of the most popular asset purchases:

Yachts and mega yachts

Even if you have the wealth to purchase a yacht outright, it often makes more sense to finance it. Usually, an owner will set set up a company with the specific purpose of owning the yacht. With a conventional yacht mortgage, a bank will attach considerable importance to the underlying client and associated balance sheet. Typically most private banks would want to see up to 20% of the value of the debt held on the other side of the balance sheet in order to make these transactions work. However, deals can be negotiated if you work with a specialist broker.


Private jets

Most charter companies focus on the major brands of Gulfstream, Global, Falcon, Challenger, Legacy and Citation. Ideally, the aircraft should not be more than 10 years old and older jets are generally more difficult to finance. The typical advance is up to 80%. Loans, leases and true operating leases are acceptable with full recourse to an acceptable guarantor (corporate or individual). 

Real estate

If you’re looking to buy a million plus house, or invest in property overseas, you will need a specialist broker. If you’re self-employed, a foreign national, ex pat, have a complex income stream or you’re buying an unusual or listed property, many High Street options won’t be suitable. Therefore you need to look to private banks and boutique lenders, which can only be accessed by working with a broker that specialises in the HNWI market.

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