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Alan Priddy

alan         priddy



The boat will be crewed by a team of 12, skippered by Alan Priddy. He is an ocean racing legend. He learnt to sail when he was just seven and had his first speedboat at the age of 11. He has held 37 world records and 12 British records.

In 2002 he attempted to circumnavigate the world in a rigid hulled inflatable (RIB), but had to abort after a medical emergency on board forced a detour. In 2003 he set the World RIB Record for a transatlantic crossing at just 103 hours – a record that still stands. In 2008 he completed a circumnavigation in the Lively Lady, Sir Alec Rose’s iconic yacht crewed by young adults from deprived areas of Portsmouth.

“Alan is a legend in the boating community. Whether sailing Lively Lady or speeding across the Atlantic in a RIB, he is one of this countrys leading

maritime adventurers.”


meet the  crew



Alan has hand picked a crew, who have more than 100 world and national records, including Doctor Jan Falkowski, current holder of 10 records, award-winning journalist Clive Tully, holder of 35 records (33 uim, 2 unofficial - Suez Canal, 2003 transatlantic) and Alan Goodwin, our Land Director, who pioneered endurance powerboating and was a member of the 1998 Cable and Wireless Team.

Supporting the onboard crew are a team of logistic and communication experts, including award winning photographer Johnny Black, top action photographer Chris Davies and Alistair Thompson, our director of communications.

This amazing project is all about our crew – the designers, builders, those resupplying her, those who have supported her and of course those

who will drive her.” Dr Alan Priddy

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A world class superboat




The boat is being built by the Aluminium Boatbuilding Company based in Hampshire, out of marine-grade aluminium. The metal was produced by using recycled metals and router cut by specialist firm Aalco in Southampton.

The whole process has taken more than two years and thousands of hours of highly skilled fabrication and welding. In December 2016 the basic hull, (which was being built upside down,) was completed and turned to allow work to start on the superstructure and installation of the engines.

In September 2018, the external work was completed, allowing the final fitting out to commence. The boat will be in the water before the year is out.

It will showcase more than a dozen leading marine companies, which are supporting the project with their expertise and equipment.

The vessel’s superstructure is largely complete. We are now finishing off the welding, fitting the special windows and getting Excalibur ready for the water.”

wounded  & injured



In 2014 while walking past the Tower of London’s magnificent poppy display, Alan, Team Britannia’s chief engineer Steve Mason and medic, Dr Jan Falkowski, (formerly British Army) were so moved by the tribute, that they made a commitment to work with wounded and injured servicemen and women.

Since that day, the Team made a commitment to take up to five veterans on each leg of the voyage, while others will join our shore-based support group. The veterans will be drawn from all three branches of the armed forces. They will be put through a rigorous selection process, including sea survival and powerboat qualifications.

All the servicemen/women are wounded, injured or sick (WIS).

This is not a pleasure cruise and there are no passengers on board the boat. All of our crew will play a full part in

smashing this world record.”

Wounded & injured

supportive partners



According to a recent study from King’s College London, there are around 83,000 former servicemen and women who are still suffering from their physical or mental injuries from the wars of the last 25 years.

Team Britannia is honoured that in this endeavour we are working with British Limbless Ex-Serviceman’s Association (BLESMA) to provide a number of wounded and injured servicemen/women an opportunity to join our crew.

We will harness their incredible can-do attitude, their passion and tenacity. It is this spirit that not only makes our armed forces the best in the world but will help us take back the round the world powerboat record for Great Britain.

BLESMA is providing funding for the training and support of the WIS crew- members, including medical support, transport and accommodation.

BLESMA supports limbless veterans, it was set up after the First World War to support the more than 40,000 men who returned from that conflict having lost limbs or eyes. Nearly 100 years on it is still supporting veterans for the duration of their lives.

“We are humbled by the incredible work of these organisations and are delighted to play a small part in supporting some of their incredible members.”

the route



The World Record Authorities(UIM) dictate that for a recognised circumnavigation, the craft has to pass through the Suez and Panama Canals, cross the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator and must start and finish the journey in the same place, completing a voyage of around 23,000 miles.

The record attempt route has been set as Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, Manzanillo, Honolulu, Guam, Singapore, Oman, Malta returning to Gibraltar.

On each of the stops, the boat will take on around 35,000 litres of fuel, food and other provisions. This will be loaded by Team Britannia’s Formula 1 style pit crew who will arrive in advance of the boat in each country to minimise delays.

The pit crew is being provided by global logistics firm GAC, who employ over 9,000 people at more than 300 offices around the globe.

The key to the success of every record attempt is having a great team, which is why we are using GAC to provide all our logistics support. Every second we are in port with the engines idle is a second we are not

taking off the record.”

The route by Team Britannia
Bay of Fajardo Puerto Rico
Manzanillio and Honolulu
Apra and Jurong

the  records



While the round-the-world title is very much the focus of our attention, there are more than a dozen additional port-to-port and other records that are up for grabs. These are a mix of existing world records and new ones. They reflect the technical and logistical challenges of international endurance powerboating and why this will be just the third round the world record attempt.

All of the records will be sanctioned by the sport’s global governing body - Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), based in Monaco. The UIM is fully recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The UIM has 62 affiliated National Federations, around the world including in the UK, USA, China, U.A.E, Germany, Qatar, Russia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

This is a once in a life opportunity to break the current world record and set a dozen more. It really doesn’t get

bigger than that!” Dr Alan Priddy

the record



START:            A transit line due south of Europa Point Lighthouse, Gibraltar. FINISH: A transit line due south of Europa Point Lighthouse, Gibraltar. DISTANCE: The accredited distance is around 23497 Nm.

WHO:              Pete Bethune (seems to be more commonly known as Pete rather than Peter) started and finished his circumnavigation in Sagunto, Spain.

TIME:               1463 hours, or 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes.

SPEED:            16.061 knots 24.2 mph.

uim  rules

616.03 - GENERAL


The purpose of the rules is to enable attempts to be made on a variety of offshore records. They do not form the conditions of any prize or trophy, nor are they motorboat instructions.

The record for each passage shall stand until the elapsed time of that record has been reduced by at least one minute. Every request to ratify a record shall be considered in time and date order.



A record will be valid only if its previous speed at least equals the previous sped of the record multiplied by 1.003

Around the World (616.04 - second paragraph applies) To make motorised passage around the World, eastbound or westbound, a vessel must start from and return to the same point, must cross all meridians of longitude, and must pass through the Suez and Panama Canals.

The sea trails
Port to Port sea trails
Port to port by Team Britannia




Just like every performance sport, Formula 1, the America’s Cup or Tour de France this record is all about the numbers. This is why Alan and his team have spent months reviewing every inch of the boat, to save weight. They will use special mattresses that save 270kg compared with standard ones and have removed cooking equipment and the “heads” (otherwise know as the toilet). All the food on board has been freeze dried, while water for drinking, food and washing will be made on demand using a desalination machine.

Fuel stops have been cut to just seven, by enlarging the six fuel tanks, giving the boat a range of nearly 4,000 nautical miles. Global logistics company GAC will ensure that all the stores and bunkering will be ready at the quayside of each stop, while the specially designed venting system will allow the boat to be refuelled and ready to go in just a few hours.

All of this will help Team Britannia cut up to 10 days off of the current record of 60 days, 23 hour and 49 minutes.

This is the pinnacle of endurance motorsport. It has only been tried three time since records began. It is 23,000 miles of grit and determination.”






















uop /  plastics



Team Britannia are delighted to be working with the University of Portsmouth as part of our plastics programme. Every hour during the 42,000 km voyage the crew will take water and air samples, recording the exact location and temperature.

All the samples will be sent back to the University of Portsmouth for full analysis to build up a unique picture of air and water plastic pollution, the first combined map ever attempted. The data will be published in full on an open source website, so it is accessible to all.

“It is one world. And it’s in our care. For the first time in the history of humanity, for the first time in 500 million years, one species has the future in the palm of its hands.

I just hope he realises that is the case.”


Sir David Attenborough

University of Portsmouth plastics programme

clean fuel



The vessel will be powered by a revolutionary fuel emulsion, a mixture of diesel, water and emulsifier, that when burnt reduces harmful emissions. Initial testing indicates that the new emulsion could cut particulate matter by 90 per cent and NOX by 60 per cent.

The British company behind the emulsion, Clean Fuel Ltd along with its partners have pioneered new technology that shows it is possible to deliver racing speeds and performance while being green.

Clean Fuel produces a stable emulsion by mixing diesel, water and an emulsifying agent together which burns more efficiently and as the water will be drawn from the sea to improve the boat’s range.

The effects of the emulsified fuel on the engines and the emissions will be monitored for the duration of the voyage and the results published by Clean Fuel online in real time.

“Our goal is very simple, to win the world record and to prove you can do it in an environmentally-friendly way, which is why we are using Clean Fuel.”

Notes to  editors



Team Britannia is building a media plan that will maximise interview and story opportunities. It will include a number of “milestone” events ahead of the record attempt. We will be formally announcing the crew, major sponsors and partners, key stages in the building process such as the hull being turned, the boat’s nam- ing along with regular interview opportunities with the crew and technical staff .

All of this will culminate in a week long nautically-themed festival in Gibraltar ahead of the record attempt and a sumptuous Champagne Gala Reception on board the five star Sunborn Hotel for those connected with the project, sponsors, dignitaries and over 100 journalists and broadcasters.

During the record attempt our partners at CobWeb and Iridium will stream real time data on the boats performance, speed, position and even crew welfare to our race headquarters in Fareham. We will also hold a series of “live” interviews during each of the seven stages.

Following the successful completion of the record attempt, the vessel will become a regular fixture on the global boat show circuit. It will include the high profile European shows such as: London, Southampton, Cowes Week, Dublin, Monaco, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Grand Pavois (La Rochelle) Stockholm, Seatec (Italy) Portugal, Spain, Volga and Genoa.

The vessel will also visit the large international shows including: CNR Eurasia (Istanbul), China (Shanghai), Kuwait, Korea, Qatar, Sydney, Auckland, Miami, Atlantic City, Montreal, Boston and IBEX (Tampa).

info@1uk.com - Contact Paul Thompson for more details about becoming a sponsor

Alan Priddy with his team
A global audience at 1UK

media reach



Team Britannia is a unique sporting event, which has only been tried three times before. We expect there will be considerable media interest, tapping into the 1.7 billion global sailing and extreme sport audience, who tune into the Volvo Ocean Race.

We have been working for several months with a leading production company to develop a compelling pitch for a two part/two hour documentary. The basic split on this is part 1: the development of the boat and the new technologies it will use and part 2: the record attempt itself.

The completed programmes would then be pitched to various global networks, via the production company. They have identified key markets, which include the USA, Europe, India and China.

Additionally, we have been speaking to BBC Click, the Corporation’s flagship technology programme and Sky Ocean Rescue, the innovative campaign, which aims to highlight the problems of plastics in the ocean and its impact on people around the world.

Since construction on our superboat started, Team Britannia has reached a global audience of around 200 million.

Photo credit: The Telegraph: “Afghanistan veteran braves the waves in record round the world bid.”

fans  &  supporters



The record attempt has already galvanized the international marine sector, which is supporting the record attempt. International companies like, GAC, Raymarine and Fiat Powertrain will help us on the 42,000 km voyage. Bolstering this important group is the University of Portsmouth, which is helping with training the crew and Team Britannia’s ground breaking environmental programme.

We also have a growing band of individuals supporters including the Global adventurer Bear Grylls, former BBC anchor and royal correspondent Michael Buerk, the legendary political commentator and broadcaster John Sergeant and Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP.

“We are proud that this project is capturing the imagination of millions of people around the world and

they are supporting the Team.”

International marine support
Ocean village Gilbraltar

ocean village Gibraltar



The Team has selected British Gibraltar as their starting and finishing point, not least because it is between two continents and therefore ideally situated for the record and has the iconic Europa Point racing mark.

While in Gibraltar we will be berthed at the stunning Ocean Village Marina, which has become our second home and the base for our Race HQ.

We are proud to be working with the Team at OV to raise awareness of the problems of ocean plastic and to provide an accessible location for our legions of fans to visit our superboat and meet our crew.

The warm and generous people of British Gibraltar have welcomed our crew with open arms. Coupled with its geographic location it is the ideal base for the world

record attempt.”


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